Ways we are seeking to further initiatives:


Adding more teams

After the first game of the Nikumbuke Soccer League took place on June 14th, 2014, there have been eager requests from a number of villages to add more teams. We currently have 10 village teams participating and one adolescent-aged team. 



Organizing the nikumbuke world cup

Our goal is to continue planning and hosting the annual Nikumbuke World Cup. The Nikumbuke World Cup takes place each spring/summer in Lunga Lunga, Kenya. It is a chance for all 10 village teams and the adolescent-aged team to gather to participate in tournament-style play for a couple of days. We provide transportation for villagers and fans to attend the tournament as well- it is a big celebration!



PRoviding Clean Water

The need for clean water continues to be a consistent problem in Africa and southeastern Kenya. Clean water can prevent many water-borne diseases and deaths. A donation towards a water tank to collect rain water can save many women of the Soccer League from these diseases and also from walking 8-12 hours per day to find clean water for their families. This allows them more time to grow their businesses and participate in the Soccer League. 

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purchasing a field for nikumbuke soccer league

We are in the process of raising funds to purchase land for the Nikumbuke Soccer League. This land will be turned into a soccer field and will employ women of the Soccer League to take care of the field and manage the field. We hope to educate the women in business management so they can create a business model to use the field for both the Soccer League and for profit.

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Continued Funding

In order for the Nikumbuke Soccer League to continue to grow and support the Nikumbuke World Cup and other health efforts, we must establish a steady flow of donations and funding support. Our goal is to make the Soccer League well-known via social media outlets, elite athletes, and partnering with other organizations who share similar goals.



Most recently, we received a private donation to investigate how participation in the Soccer League is influencing gender-based violence both in the home and in the community, as well as the health effects associated with participation in sport. We are always looking for ways to provide quality data to further demonstrate that the Nikumbuke Soccer League is having a positive impact on the women’s physical, social, and mental health.