what we have accomplished in kenya

league expansion

Since our founding in 2013, the Nikumbuke Soccer League has grown from two teams to eleven teams. There have been eager requests from the women to expand the League further! 

Tailoring group

In Kenya, girls and boys have to pass an exam to attend high school, as well as pay for high school. Many girls who do not pass the exam/cannot afford high school go to the local city of Mombasa and participate in prostitution. To help counter this, our partner Health by Motorbike, has created the Tailoring Group at the Nikumbuke compound. The Tailoring Group consists of 12-16 year old girls who are sponsored to receive an education in a trade (sewing, bag-making, clothe-making, etc) with the intent that they will go on to sell their products from their own business in the local market. It has helped local adolescent-aged girls create a healthy living for themselves. The Tailoring Group also now participates in the Soccer League and are very talented! 

Clean water

The Nikumbuke Soccer League always aims to provide clean water via water tanks to women participating in the Soccer League. By donating $350, a water tank can be delivered to the village and will provide clean water to hundreds of people through the collection of rain water. Not only does the water tank aid in preventing water-borne diseases, it also allows women participating in the Soccer League an extra 8-12 hours PER DAY to focus on their growing businesses, participate in soccer, and more. 

combating diabetes

Diabetes is a common disease in rural Southeastern Kenya due to diet and lack of physical activity. The Soccer League provides women the opportunity to participate in physical activity multiple times a week. This has allowed many of the women to lose weight and lead healthier lives. 


The Nikumbuke Soccer League has brought a sense of cohesion to a natively tribal area. Through sport, the women of the various village teams have been able to create lifelong friendships and bond on the soccer field. Through weekly practices and monthly competitions, the women have developed a sense of trust with one another and are able to discuss their problems and their joys. We are building a community of strong and healthy women.