The Nikumbuke Soccer League in the U.S.A.


The Nikumbuke Soccer League not only works to empower women in rural Kenya; we also work to empower youth athletes, high school athletes, and collegiate athletes in the United States to use their athletic platforms to do good in the world and to value community service. 

Our relentless Founder, Brittany Ammerman, is very passionate about using her athletic platform she created through playing women's ice hockey at the highest level, to “do good” in the world and make a difference. The Nikumbuke Soccer League feels that the importance of community service is sometimes lost in athletics and there needs to be more "do-gooders" in the athletic world. 

To overcome this feeling, the Nikumbuke Soccer League is committed to working with youth sports organizations, elementary/middle/high schools, and colleges in its fundraising efforts. NSL is very passionate about keeping its fundraising efforts at a grass roots level to help make a difference in the athletic world in the United States. To learn more about how youth sports organizations, schools, colleges, and other organizations can partner with the Nikumbuke Soccer League, please contact us!