Nikumbuke Soccer League and Taaluma Totes

Nikumbuke Soccer League has partnered with Taaluma Totes to have beautiful totes made from Lunga Lunga, Kenya fabric. We buy fabric from women who participate in the Nikumbuke Soccer League and send the fabric to Taaluma’s team in Virginia who crafts these fabrics into backpacks.

'“Taaluma works with a group of adults with disabilities who bring so much talent and positivity to the Taaluma team. Each team member's job is based on their ability…whether that be marking fabric for cutting, stitching panels on sewing machines, or trimming loose threads in final inspection. These team members work alongside top notch seamstresses and together they are the hands behind each and every tote.” - Taaluma Totes

A monetary portion from each tote sold is kicked back to the women of Nikumbuke. Consider purchasing a beautiful tote to represent a couple of wonderful organizations hoping to make the world a better place!