Since 2013, we have given women and girls in rural Kenya the opportunity to participate in sport and lead healthier lives.


Our Mission

In Kenya: The Nikumbuke Soccer League aims to provide women and girls the opportunity to participate in sport, receive an education, and lead healthier lives. 

In the United States: The Nikumbuke Soccer League uses its work in Kenya to educate youth athletes, high school athletes, and collegiate athletes on the importance of community service and using their athletic platform to do good in the world. 

It really is the story of one woman who cares deeply about something and decides to do something about it, and look at what you can do. Look at the ripple effect. That’s something I preach a lot at the leadership academy, that if you just care deeply enough about something and raise your hand and say, “I’m going to do more. I’m going to do something about it,” you can move mountains.
— Julie Foudy, ESPN Analyst & NSL Board Member

What We've Achieved (Just a glimpse!)

  • Grown the League to eleven teams- ten villages and one adolescent-aged group

  • Provided clean water to two villages via water tanks

  • Empowered women to have a sense of agency to make a difference in their village, Kenya, and the world.

  • Helped women combat diabetes through physical activity.

  • Given the tribal area of Southeastern Kenya a sense of cohesion

  • Encouraged youth athletes (boys & girls) to make a difference in the world and use their athletic platform to create change.

  • Taught the women the importance of physical, mental, and social health.

  • Empowered adolescent-aged girls in Kenya to have more self-esteem and receive an education in a trade.